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Berlian Mewah

Good morning world female companions, on a sunny morning this may well continue to include us all. female companions certainly already familiar with the diamond, which is a high-value jewelery more expensive. Because things are expensive recurring scams everywhere. Therefore, female companions who buying a diamond it is necessary to know the characteristics of a genuine diamond that female companions did not find fraud of diamonds. Below we will present tips on how female companions of the original diamond products. That is by identifying in detail what it is diamond. 
In the book Diamond, know your diamond jewelery and investment as mentioned (Panduan Mengenal Berlian Sebagai Perhiasan Dan Benda Investasi ) by Anny Muryadi, the value of a diamond is determined by several things commonly known among those who are concerned with is the term diamond 4C (Carat, Color, Clarity and Cutting), Now we know one by one

The first Carat , is the unit weight of the diamond itself is not the size. The bigger the diamond the more expensive the diamond is graded for the carat.Color of the most clear or almost glass (colorless) to the yellow but still clear. Gradient color diamond on the terms in descending letters begin with the letter “D, E, F” for the most translucent quality to “Z” with the yellow shades. 

The most expensive diamond prices are categorized on the letter “D, E, F” for the level of the nodes, and the last is “X, Y, Z” yellow. After that there is another type of diamond level “G, I, L” whose price is cheaper. But outside those categories there are further classified in fancy diamond color with pink, blue, and green that are more expensive again,

Clarity, maked diamond different from each other. Rate clarity most perfect diamond, having seen a lens with 10 times magnification. And pieces also make the diamond more valuable. The more complicated and more expensive pieces made of diamonds. The most perfect piece is diamond cut. These pieces typically use precise mathematical formula. And the more pieces the more light that can be reflected. This makes the higher value.

Those are some tips on how to know a diamond female companions, companions hopefully she can tell which are Original diamonds and what is false. Hopefully useful for all her friends.
Sources:Magazine Cek & Ricek

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